OkiLog #8: Churaumi in Photos

This life-sized bronze whale shark dominates the entrance of the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

This sign plays second fiddle to the bronze statue.

The atrium at the entrance. The entire complex faces the East China Sea.

A view of the atrium from the bottom of the complex near the turtle tanks.

The aquarium channels the reefs that surround Okinawa, and the result is one gorgeous tank after another.

The tanks are friendly to visitors of all ages.

The tanks are friendly to visitors of all ages.

Feeding time for the whale sharks. This is the most beautiful event I have ever witnessed.


I wasn’t the only one mesmerized by it.


This viewing window is the world’s largest single aquarium viewing pane.


A different portion is home to some of the more aggressive species.


One of my favorite parts of the entire experience, this alcove rests under the main tank.


Mantas from the aforementioned alcove. I’m shooting directly up, hence the structures visible in the background.


Nemo AND Dori. Need I say more?


A superb example, this tank illustrates the beauty of the reefs here.


One of the few intact examples of a giant squid, preserved for our viewing pleasure.


One resident of the turtle tanks.


As one exits the building, they are treated to a dolphin show. The narration is all in Japanese, but it’s still fun to watch. One of the dolphins has a prosthetic tail fin!

Up Next: Kuwae in Photos and Goodbye Okinawa!

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